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Brilliant yellow warbler with black neck and beak perched on a pink blossoming tree branch

Hooded Warbler

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Hooded Warbler by Barbara Banthien.

The male Hooded Warbler sports a solid black hood, surrounding a bright yellow face.  It is native to the woodlands of the eastern U.S.  He flits through shrubby understories, flicking his tail to show off his white tail feathers.  Because so many of my birds are portraits against a dark background, I enjoyed painting this little fellow in a bright blue sky among the leaves and blossoms of the Apple tree.

Limited edition giclee print of an original acrylic painting on 100% rag paper, using archival quality pigments. Edition of 500, signed, numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity included.  Image size 5 inches x 6 inches on 14 inches x 15 inches sheet with an embossed edge.