Specializing in Northern California artists, exquisite workmanship, one-of-a-kind artworks. Upcoming shows include The Krenov School Graduation Show May 18-27 and Stan Miklose though May.

Collection: Steve Chell


Fascinating  shapes, textures, colors, and the play of light and dark are in the rusted metal of a country gate, the light beamed through a fused glass vase, and the peeling bark of a eucalyptus tree.

 They are everywhere we look. Perhaps more accurately, they are where we rarely look.

Steve points his camera at these special places to capture the hidden beauty in their detail. He calls it “painting a picture in pixels.”

 Steve’s primary pieces are presented in a unique manner – 3” X 18” dye-infused prints on metal that are adhered to a 4” X 20” strip of quarter-inch gray mirror, then to a black frame that extends the piece about two inches out from the wall.

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