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Heaven, unframed print - The Highlight Gallery


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Jeff Leedy, Heaven, 11" x 14" print of an original pastel painting, unframed.  

Well, hello there friends and collectors of Art That Makes You Laugh!! Boy, is this may be your lucky day! That's because you've stumbled into the strange mind and artistic hand of me, Jeff Leedy, and the art of my off center personality. I create Art That Makes You Laugh® and people say I may be one of the top humor artists in the country. Through outdoor art shows, several galleries, and the licensing of my artwork onto products, I have built a national following.

This may all sound impressive, but here's what really matters most. My art will make you laugh! And I must add that I create my humorous art for you!!! Sure, for me to start with, but it is for you I do this. To see or hear you laugh at the work I do fills me up. I do the standup (the painting). Hopefully you will laugh.

In my book Are You Laughing At My Art?, I devoted a full page to why I think I'm funny (no kidding!).  Here's a brief excerpt that does a pretty good job of summarizing my thoughts on the subject:

"God gave me this strange set of contact lenses, and this is how I see life..."

One of my life goals has been to spread laughter in the world.

So, instead of just becoming an elite fine artist to a select few, I chose to also create a host of affordable open and limited edition prints so that everyone could enjoy a good laugh.

Originally, I thought my purpose as an artist was to make you laugh. I realized years later, thought, that I was wrong. You see, when you're laughing, it's really hard to be depressed. Laughter drags you, yelling and hooting, into that blissful state that we call happiness. This is no small thing in a world that seems to get crazier every day. And that's when I realized that making people happy makes me, well, really, really happy!