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golden oak wall sculpture, bronze copper, acrylic

Golden Oak

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Kelly Smith Cassidy, Golden Oak, bronze, copper, acrylic wall sculpture, approximately 38 inches by 32 inches.

Kelly creates commissioned pieces to fit your particular home and style; please contact the gallery to make arrangements. This one is available in the gallery and on the website.

 Kelly Smith Cassidy AKA, "Copper Keiligh" was born into a family of fine artists. In the 1950's, her grandparents participated in the first arts and crafts festivals in the USA. In the 1960's they owned galleries in Arizona and Colorado. Her parents, Richard Bell Smith and Blanca Borja Smith met at one such gallery owned by Richard's parents in Old Town Scottsdale in 1969. In 1971, they started creating welded bronze and copper sculptures and paintings and are still today creating one-of-a-kind original pieces inspired by nature. They have owned several galleries of their own since the 1970's. Kelly's first experiences have been of interacting with customers at their numerous galleries. While in High School in the mid 1990's , Kelly decided to pick up the torch and create her own pieces using the same technique as her parents and putting her own flair and style into the pieces. The result are organically inspired sculptures which have been sold from California to Japan.