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Birch Fragments wall sculpture has red leaves contrasting with white and black trunks

Extra Large Birch Fragment

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Richard Bell Smith, bronze and copper wall sculpture. Richard uses molten metal to capture the orderly flow and rhythm of organic forms in his tree wall sculptures. Tending toward interpretive and impressionistic, each piece is a hand wrought original that will make a stunning statement for your home. These gorgeous wall sculptures can be made expressly for your home, custom fitted for your space and color themes. Birch Fragment, as shown,  is approximately 67 inches by  34 inches, but can be created to your size and color specifications.

The images presented here are illustrative-in effect you are commissioning a work that is similar to, but not a carbon copy of, the image shown. 

Please contact Highlight Gallery to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, each piece is created to order.