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Bronze sculpture, donkey quizzically looking back at his ride-along raven friend . Textured bronze color body with dark gray face, and ears and black raven.

Freeride, bronze sculpture

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Chris Deverill, quizzical donkey of textured cast bronze looking back at his ride-along black raven friend on his back. Bronze patina body with dark gray face and ears, black raven. 

 Limited edition of 50, signed and numbered. Approximately 14 inches high by 10 inches wide by 6 inches deep.

"My greatest joy is to produce work that sparks in the observer a laugh or a warmth or a recognized familiarity which beckons…Particularly on the figurative or more contemporary pieces, it is that edge or sense of emotion that I hope to impart that draws one in. Of course it is always my wish that my pleasure in the company of animals comes through in my wildlife art. I have had the good fortune to know, raise and spend time with many. Often choosing to live on the edge of wildlife habitats, I have been blessed to experience many special relationships."