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Natural edge redwood wine coaster with cork insert.

Turned Redwood Wine Coaster with Natural Edge

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Neal DeVore, turned redwood wine coaster with natural edge and cork insert, measures 5.75 inches diameter by 2.75 inches high. A one-of-a-kind piece that will make a thoughtful gift for the wine connoisseur in your life. #7.73

Neal looks at each new piece as a challenge and often the individual characteristics of the piece of wood dictates the final result of the finished item. The majority of his wood is obtained from sources reclaiming old stumps and dead or dying timber. Most of the woods are from northern California and are Neal’s way of recycling our natural resources that otherwise would be burned or thrown away.

The majority of his pieces are sculptural in nature, utilizing the outer natural edge of the tree for spectacular effects; a great emphasis is placed on utilization of either burl or highly figured woods like redwood burl, maple burl and buckeye burl. The scope of his work includes everything from functional, large, highly figured salad bowls to small boxes, vessels, wine coasters and wine stoppers. But what he particularly loves to make are his “natural edge” bowls or as Neal says “God makes the sculptural edge – I just hollow out around it.”