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natural edge redwood bowl with lighter sapwood edge
bottom view shows identity of wood, signature and date.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, natural edge redwood bowl with lighter sapwood edge
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, bottom view shows identity of wood, signature and date.

Redwood Natural Edge bowl

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Dennis Lillis, Redwood Natural Edge Bowl. Void on bottom filled with resin and sawdust. One of a kind. 

Approximately 11 inches diameter by 4 inches high.

About Dennis and his work:

Required tree removals in the urban forest provide the vast majority of wood for Dennis' turnings. When he buys burl wood he purchases from responsible harvesters that source the material from road or other construction or fire prevention projects.

His foundational approach is pretty simply a reverence for the wood and the unique qualities it offers. Dennis endeavors whenever possible, to reveal the natural elements and character of the wood. He tries to design the form to incorporate some natural edge, some sapwood and the heartwood through careful selection and preparation of the blanks from the tree. He uses his experience to make a ‘best guess' at the figure within the tree and go from there.

 Dennis enjoys the challenge to develop his skills to enhance the natural beauty as best he can. He does not dye or stain the wood. He uses stone inlay to draw attention to voids and cracks or burning to offer some color or contrast. He endeavors to generate clean curves to grace or echo the natural lines in the grain. For Dennis it is all about the wood. Each piece has a story and a beauty...he uses that as an inspiration and a challenge… and he sands and sands and sands.