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Backlit Beauties

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Erin Dertner, backlit opulent roses, watercolor on paper, 24 inches by 16 inches, framed size 30.5 inches by 22.5 inches, an award winning watercolor.

About Backlit Beauties,Erin says:

"A while back, I took some time off from painting what was needed, to paint just what I felt like. I had hung onto a photo of these roses of my friend Joanie’s that were captivating on the dining room table, resplendent in the backlight and it shouted out to be a watercolor. I was pleased to allow some of the colors within the dark areas to meld by using the wet into wet technique and when set against the simple table and background, I think the effect I got was the same as the delight I felt when I saw the blossoms and snapped the photo. I was very pleased to receive ‘Best Overall Watercolor’ in one of Plein Air Magazine’s Salon competitions with this painting and was rewarded for having taken that special snippet of time to focus on it."

Long-time Mendocino plein air artist proficient in oils with a palette knife, oils with brushes, watercolors, and acrylics.

  Painting, studying and teaching the subject of light is Erin’s driving force. The cool shadows of the early morning and those that fall long and warm in the evening enliven her creative soul as nothing else. Subject matter is secondary to the sunlight itself, though her locations speak volumes about God’s wondrous world of color, drama and mystery.