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White pelican with yellow beak and feet, looking down into the reed adorned vase he is perched upon. Vase is in soft greens with a soft gold rim

Waiting for Dinner

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Bonnie Belt, ceramic sculpture, pelican perched on vase.  Approximately 14.5 inches high, 11 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

A ceramic artist for many years, Bonnie found her inspiration in the forests and rugged Pacific coastline.  This appreciation of her surroundings became the basis for her art.

 "I sculpt each piece individually from white stoneware clay, often attaching my trees and birds to a vessel made on the potter's wheel.  I like combining the symmetry of a vessel with the flowing movement of my sculptures.  I hope to make the viewer feel the tranquility and harmony of the subject, but also experience the tenacity of the natural world.  I use detail to define my subjects who are realistic but fanciful.