Quiet Light for printing2015
Quiet Light

Russet and Honey

Shrouded Coastline small

Gleaming Main Street small


Muted Mendocino

Muted Mendocino

  • ¬†Windswept Mendocino

    Windswept Mendocino

  • Sunlit Lighthouse

    Sunlit Lighthouse

  • The Heavens Declare

    The Heavens Declare

  • Field at Auvers

    Field at Auvers

  • Last Snippet of Sun

    Last Snippet of Sun

  • Cypress Point

    Cypress Point


Bayside Village

ED-Bayside Village-40x60-8000

  • Seaside Frolic

    Seaside Frolic

  • Brilliant Buckhorn

    Brilliant Buckhorn

  • Garden Romance

    Garden Romance

  • Pathway Atop the Bluffs

    Pathway Atop the Bluffs

  • Shaft of Light

    Shaft of Light

  • South Harbor Vantage

    South Harbor Vantage

  • June Splendor

    Oil on Canvas